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Infoshop is your one stop place to search, evaluate, and purchase tool holders, tooling accessories, and spare parts for your INDEX and TRAUB machines. In 2008, the toolholder department was restructured to include design, assembly, sales / distribution, and a manufacturing cell dedicated to making the INDEX and TRAUB toolholders. There are currently over 2000 toolholders in stock with over 80,000 spare parts available through the Infoshop.

The newest Infoshop feature for you is that you are now able to access the Infoshop 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. With this new capability you will be able to request a quotation and even enter your order for toolholders or spare parts that you require at any hour of the day. With this new feature you will receive a response within minutes.

Click the link below to access Infoshop. If you have any further questions please contact J.C. Toussing at (888) 236-0329, or e-mail.

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