TRAUB TNX65/42 Turn-MillDesigned to machine complex parts from bar diameters to 65 mm/ 2.559 inch and a length of up to 300 mm/ 11.811 inch, the TNX65/42 delivers piece costs that are globally competitive.

The basis for this productivity is two identical main- and counter-spindles and four turrets, each capable of holding 10 live or fixed quick change VDI tools. Each turret is capable of travelling in X, Z, and Y direction. A total of up to 80 tools can be accommodated using double tool holders, reducing setup times further, even for complex parts processes.

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The unsurpassed simultaneous use of four tool carriers / four tools in cut/ plus main- and counter-spindle in combination with powerful live tool drives (7.4 HP, 6,000 RPM) permits extremely productive, diverse machining processes in a single setup. 

TRAUB TNX65/42 Turn-MillThe productivity of the 4 turrets is enhanced by the fact that each of them is capable of working on main- and counter-spindles. Therefore, four turrets could work simultaneously on one of the two spindles. Since the turrets are not dedicated to a spindle a maximum of overlap between the 4 turrets is possible. This guarantees the highest productivity and lowest per piece cost.  (see picture 1 below.)

Symmetrically designed, the turrets are arranged on independent slides above and below the spindle centerline. The main- and counter- spindle are driven by synchronous type motor-spindles and are identically rated at 24kW/ 32Hp / 5,000 rpm for the 65 mm bar capacity machine and 28kW/ 37Hp / 7,000 rpm for the 42 mm bar model. Hybrid bearings are fitted as standard for long service life.

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