Sliding headstock automatic lathe for multi-task machining – now with B Axis for Machining at any Angle

The TRAUB TNL18 sliding/fixed automatic lathe with seven linear axes now is available with an extra B-axis, expanding its applicability to particularly challenging machining tasks.

With the additional B-axis in the upper tool carrier, which can pivot 100°, highly complex parts and complicated contour elements that also require additional operations such as milling, drilling, lateral drilling or transversal threading may be machined at any angular position by the new TNL18-7B.

(Watch the TNL18-7B)

Previously, for parallel main spindle operations, angled tool holders were necessary with "normal" turret positioning – now the turret simply pivots.

Practical advantages:

  • Set-up time reduction: Setting up angle-adjustable tool holders is no longer necessary.
  • Cost reduction: No need for using expensive angle-adjustable tool holders.
  • Higher workpiece quality: Without angle-adjustable tool holders, you have high=stability machining conditions
  • Because you can machine at any angle, highly complex workpieces can be produced more flexibly and efficiently in a single setup.

Tool turret indexing for simpler setups, faster cycles

  • Carried out by an NC rotary axis without a mechanical lock. This permits free angle positioning of the turret.
  • All turret stations can be equipped with fixed or live tool holders.
  • The number of tools in the machine can be increased to as many as 54 tool stations through dual- and multi-tool holders.
  • Clear advantage: There is less setup effort for the operator, resulting in more productive time.
  • High-precision, fast turret indexing enables a very fast chip-to-chip time of 0.3 s, which is closely comparable to that of a linear tool carrier.