Part for part, the new 65mm R200 Turning/Milling Centers produce precision workpieces almost twice as fast as any conventional turn/mill.

Milling Machine | 5 axis INDEX R200 | INDEX TRAUBTwo powerful 18,000 rpm milling spindles moving freely in the Y and B axes and two movable 5000-rpm work spindles perform roughing and high-accuracy fine-turning in two independent subsystems at once--including independent 5-axis work in both subsystems simultaneously (Watch the R200 machine turbine blades).

Thermal and dynamic stability is designed into the revolutionary center for maximum machining quality and longer tool life.

Plus, the R200 comes with 3D simulation, saving processing time.

Milling Machine | 5 axis INDEX R200 | INDEX TRAUBWhat used to require a turning machine or conventional turn-mill and a machining center can now be completed in a single unattended operation. Think of it: higher quality, complex work turned out faster than ever before. The quality and productivity of the R200 go right to your bottom-line as lower cost per piece.

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