Multi Spindle Screw Machine | MS32C2 | INDEX TRAUBThe INDEX MS32C2 multi-spindle lathe with up to twelve CNC cross-slides, Y-axes, a synchronous spindle and other options allow highly efficient production of bar and chucked parts.

With a bar capacity of up to 32 mm and chucked parts a blank diameter of approximately 60 mm, the machine features a tool carrier arrangement in the work area which allows more than one tool to be used on each spindle. The core of the machine is the compact spindle drum with 6 fluid-cooled motor spindles. Additional characteristics of the machine include: infinitely variable speed control, high torque, small frame size, and maintenance-free operation.

Multi Spindle Screw Machine | MS32C2 | INDEX TRAUBHighly flexible

The machine can be configured with up to 12 hydrostatic bearing-supported CNC cross-slides, Y-axes, a synchronous spindle, and numerous stationary and live tools for machining the front and rear ends of workpieces. The front-open machine concept and the V-shaped arrangement of the tool carriers ensure that the optimum technological sequence alone determines the machining method, so external and internal machining operations using stationary or live tools can be carried out in every station. Operations including off-center drilling, thread cutting, inclined drilling, cross drilling, contour milling, hobbing, and multi-edge turning are only a few of the many possibilities.

The MS32C2 delivers impressive cost effectiveness not just for medium and large batch sizes; for component families, in particular, it plays to its strengths with its ease of changeover.

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