Industry 4.0 ready

New Generation ABC Automatic Lathe!Up to 15% faster cycle times with faster acceleration, shorter spindle ramp-up times, higher rapid traverse rates.

More than 2500 INDEX ABC automatic lathes have formed the foundation of precision machining capability in many shops worldwide and provide the backbone for production wherever they are working. Now its speed and precision set new standards.  (Watch a fitting machined in 15 seconds)

This dynamic new generation of the ABC machine turns out simple to moderately complex parts with rapid spindle acceleration (8 g), and very quick chip to chip times. It is ideal for runs from 5000 to 50,000 parts in the 42-60 mm range. The machine’s combination of features supports a very low production cost per piece, even for complex parts.

  • Simple and complex automatic and NC-turned parts
  • Up to 19 tools are available for highly flexible machining
  • Live tools for both turrets
  • Strong performance data with small space requirement
  • Siemens S840D sl control offers economic and productive solutions at any time
  • Built-in: the operating system Xpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen and INDEXC200-4D based on Siemens S840D sl

New Generation ABC Automatic Lathe! Extremely short cycle times are achievable due to simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools. The ABC is equipped with up to 5 driven back-working tools and offers driven tools in all turret positions. The machine is available in 2-, 3-, or 4-axis versions. The motorized 27-kW, 6000-rpm spindle, can generate up to 95Nm of torque.

Within the easy-access work area, mounted above the main spindle, is the upper turret used mainly for I.D. work. The lower turret is typically for O.D. work. A synchronized spindle operates in the upper turret. Both turrets feature a rapid traverse of 36m/min.

The ABC can handle heavy-duty polygon turning and thread milling with a counterspindle or drive attachment. The ABC can also be supplied with a quiet-running Index bar loader which can save 4-30 seconds per cycle, and automatic part unloader automation.

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