MSLine: Multispindle CNC Automatics

INDEX multispindle automatics--the world’s first and most produced--combine the advantages of CNC technology with the productivity of cam-controlled machines.

They can be used not only for series production of a wide range of precision parts but also for small series due to their extremely short setup time. In every application, these multispindle automatics deliver low piece-costs to the user.

The trademark INDEX air-cooled spindle drum is heart of the versatile machine with 6 or 8 fully independent 10,000 rpm spindles. Two CNC tool carriers per spindle, configurable in X, Y, And Z, plus synchronous spindles for backworking permit unlimited machining possibilities.

INDEX Multis with driven tools, C axis and Y axis make possible off-center drilling and threading, inclined drilling, cross drilling, contour milling, hobbing, multi-edge turning and more.

The MSLine can be configured to match your requirements with rear-end machining, a double-three, a double-four 6- and 8-spindle designs.

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C Series Automatic Lathes

With three 14-position tool turrets, generous chuck size, and identical powerful main- and counter-spindles, the INDEX C200 and C100 automatic lathes are designed for fast, cost-competitive production in a single setup of medium complexity parts.

Delivering higher horsepower and greater torque but with the RPM typical of Swiss-style machines, the C machines assure short setup times and very fast cycle times even for small to medium batches. 

  • 2 Y axes for reduced cycle times
  • 13 axes available to cut simultaneously
  • 3 turrets, up to 42 tools with the capability of 3 driven tools in the cut at all times
  • Preset, quick-change INDEX-designed tooling for faster setup and precise radial tool location

It all adds up to near-zero idle times, unequalled process flexibility, and productivity for automotive, fittings, fluid power, optics, and medical industries.

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R Series Turn/Mill Centers

What used to require a turning machine or conventional turn-mill and a machining center can now be completed in a single unattended operation.

Two powerful rpm milling spindles moving freely in the Y and B axes and two movable 5000-rpm work spindles perform roughing and high-accuracy fine-turning in two independent subsystems at once--including independent 5-axis work in both subsystems simultaneously.

Thermal and dynamic stability is designed into the revolutionary centers for maximum machining quality and longer tool life for a range of operations on complex parts for aerospace, tooling, and more.

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TNL Series Sliding/Fixed Headstock Automatics

A surprisingly affordable solution with the versatility to be a Swiss machine or a production turning machine within minutes, the TNL18 and TNL32 each can be two machines on one compact base.

Advanced sliding headstock automatic lathes for multi-task machining of long parts to short turned parts with and without a guide bushing, the TNL family can be changed over in minutes.

  • Up to 9 linear axes plus Y motion
  • Up to 3 tools in the cut at once
  • Superior accessibility -- X-axis stroke of 120mm
  • Quick positioning top tool turret as a NC rotary axis—up to 24 tools and chip-to-chip time less than 0.3 sec.

And many more features that make the TNL series ideal for production in medical, aerospace, and mechanical components shops.

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Fully Rebuilt and Retrofitted Automatic Lathes

Also available from INDEX are fully reconditioned machines. Thoroughly examined and mechanically and geometrically rebuilt in Germany to as-new condition, these machine tools offer the quality of INDEX at a very affordable price. Available machines include: ABC, G Series, V Series, GU, GFG, Traub TNC, and Traub TNA.  With new drives and controls retrofitted to Siemens 840Dsl, these machines are superior to some new machines from other builders.

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