Multi Spindle Screw Machine | MS40 | INDEX TRAUBInnovation makes the MS40C quicker, more precise, and more energy efficient than competitive machines.

A new model in the world-leading INDEX multispindle line, the MS40 is an affordable, fully CNC multispindle for nearly unlimited operations on small workpieces from bar up to 40mm (1.57 in.) diameter or for chucking up to 120mm (4.7 in.). (Watch Here)

Multi Spindle Screw Machine | MS40 | INDEX TRAUBWith six fully independent liquid-cooled, hollow-shaft CNC spindle drives each capable of up to 7000 rpm, the MS40 includes a main spindle drive with increased stiffness, and  hydrostatic guide bushings on each carrier slide which eliminate wear and the transmission of vibration to the tool.

The main spindle delivers quick acceleration and high torque, helping to reduce cycle times. With liquid cooling, spindle and drum cooling is accomplished away from the work area through a local or central cooling system; heat can be released into the plant to utilize heat energy or outdoors to lessen the summer cooling burden.

Designed as a modular system, the range of MS40 multispindles includes flexible machine configurations. Across the range, the MS40C can be equipped with up to 35 axes, 12 identical CNC tool carriers with 1 or 2 axes, plus one or two 10,000-rpm synchronized spindles with 150 mm travel in Z, and up to six tools for backworking. Two tool slides approach each spindle, permitting two tools to be simultaneously in the cut on each part.

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